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Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation

Aventura, Fla., November 17, 2018

RAD Technology Medical Systems, a design-build development company specializing in healthcare facilities makes available their newest white paper “Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation™”.

The white paper discusses the idea of disruptive technology and societies challenge to adapt. It focuses on the theory that new technology is emerging every 5-7 years that makes the world feel “uncomfortably changed”. There is currently a gap between changing technology and our ability to transition as quickly.

The white paper dives into this situation and the impact it is having on the healthcare construction industry. Building facilities for life-cycles of 30 plus years is no longer a viable solution for our ever-changing medical technology, but with modular construction and RAD’s leasing model, there is a better way. Why spend years constructing a facility to house medical equipment when both may be obsolete in 5-7 years, when you can lease a custom facility built in less than half the time and can be updated and/or replaced easily to accommodate the next new technology.

“If accelerating technology has already passed our ability to adapt, says John Lefkus, President of RAD, then surely it has outgrown the facilities that inhibit them. New methods must be used to adapt faster.” Capital procurement models have also become antiquated with this acceleration of medical technology. It’s time to start Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation™.

The full version of the White Paper is available on the RAD Technology website.https://radtechnology.com/speed-of-medical-innovation/

About RAD Technology Medical Systems, LLC

RAD Technology Medical Systems provides complex, design-built modular facilities for the healthcare industry. These customized, factory fabricated solutions are completed up to 50% faster than standard construction and are installed for temporary, interim or permanent use. RAD’s Operating Leases require no capital, allowing projects to commence and complete sooner and customers to generate revenue faster.

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