The RAD Team


Cheryl Devine


Cheryl Devine is the Administrator for RAD Technology. The heart and soul of the RAD Technology office, Cheryl handles all administrative issues including tracking accounts, communicating with vendors, preparing contracts, and scheduling projects.

Since 1990, Cheryl has been working with other members of the RAD Technology team on various projects. When she joined RAD full-time in 2009, Cheryl saw it as a chance to grow with a new company that delivers lifesaving medical technology to cancer patients. Since then, Cheryl has been working to ensure that clients have the best possible customer service experience in all of their dealings with RAD Technology.

Cheryl loves interfacing with clients, and brings over 20 years of experience to her role, making sure that all administrative facets of RAD Technology run smoothly and efficiently.

While Cheryl’s goal of delivering the highest possible level of customer satisfaction drives her everyday, outside the office, she does a different kind of driving entirely as a member of the American Drag Racing League. Cheryl used to get behind the wheel of a turbo charged special fuel Mustang, but is now content to let her husband Bill drive while she provides pit crew support.