Modular facility solutions for the healthcare market including radiotherapy vaults, clinics, comprehensive cancer centers, medical oncology facilities, sterilization processing facilities and other clinical facilities.

RAD covers the full spectrum of healthcare facilities. The combination of Time, Technology and Unique Financing separates the RAD approach from conventional solutions.

Need to upgrade existing equipment and don’t want to shutdown patient therapy during the 3 to
4 month process?

Then the Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) is the answer. Just days to put in place or remove, the TRV is equipped with an Accelerator and all you need to function during your renovation and upgrade. Lease a TRV for months on your building campus and upgrade your aging accelerator.

Have a large project scheduled that won’t be online for a matter of years or need to take an interim step to new facilities?

Then the RAD PRO System can solve your bridge needs. Available for lease, it can function for a number of years while new facilities come online or while long term decisions are being made. Set up in weeks, place a Vault and Clinic on campus or leased land nearby. With an operational lease, your obligations require no capital or debt impairment.

Planning a full service Radiotherapy Center and can’t wait for capital to become available or worried about the competition moving in?

The RAD PRO System with Clinical Space can accelerate your Center and get you in the market years sooner. Single and multiple vault Centers can be combined with PET CT, Medical Oncology and other clinical functions. Let RAD help you plan your expansion or new comprehensive center.

Does a single gantry proton facility have your interest?

RAD’s next generation PROton System is a perfect match for single gantry or multiple gantry proton centers. With financing and schedule all the more critical, the RAD PROton System will provide solutions not available thru conventional approaches.

Have a need for an enabling project while construction is underway?

RAD’s custom designed clinical, sterilization and medical oncology facilities are the answer. Don’t let a large construction project stop you from treating patients. Facilities can range in square footage and be constructed to meet individual needs.

No matter what the challenge….
RAD has the solution

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