Modular healthcare solutions for Radiotherapy, Oncology and Proton Therapy.

Has one more round of value engineering made expanding or adding the new cancer center mission impossible? After working on the project concepts for over a year, you learn there is not the capital funding to match the needed space? If the budget gets reduced again, the ability to provide quality space, or even enough space, will make the project untenable? RAD has the answers.


With a RAD PRO System, and related
clinical space, RAD can develop your
project without capital

Send us your concept plan and let us “RADicalize” the solution! Learn how your underfunded and delayed projects can become reality with unique products and financing by RAD Technology.

Trying to squeeze a vault renovation project schedule down to weeks instead of months?

Have you been told by the administrators and clinicians that they can’t be out of service and revenue for 3 months, so you need to get the work done in one?

Wondering which contractor has the solutions and experience to take on these kinds of tough challenges? RAD has the answers.


RAD’s Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) is the perfect solution

Rent a TRV for 3 to 6 months and continue to treat while upgrading your equipment and renovating your vault. Need it longer, no problem! Let the administration know there are good options to shutting down, losing revenue and losing referrals. Take the time to develop a quality solution to your renovation project and let RAD worry about the day to day clinical needs.


Contact RAD to learn how to get your mothballed projects back online


“Mascari Warner Architects have been collaborating with RAD Technology Medical Systems for about 10 years. The projects we have worked on are both inspirational as well as functional, dispelling the myth that a modular approach constrains design. We continue to be especially impressed with RAD’s unique ability to deliver high quality healthcare projects to the market; with unsurpassed speed and maintaining the technicality and expertise required by the healthcare industry. When clients lack capital funds or have urgent schedules, we look to RAD who brings advantages over traditional methods.”
Joe Mascari, Architect
Mascari Warner Architects