The RAD Team


Kenneth Wright

Director of TRV Services

Kenneth Wright is the Director of TRV Services for RAD Technology. In his hands-on technical role, Kenneth is involved in all aspects of client projects from the initial consultation to on-site installation and management. Kenneth also plays a part guiding the overall development and improvement of RAD Technology’s line of radiation vaults.

With over 25 years of linear accelerator service experience, Kenneth understands the important role of state-of-the-art technology in cancer treatment, and helps clients to realize the advantages of RAD Technology’s offerings with the expertise of an industry insider. Kenneth is no stranger to complicated equipment. Before being lured away to the cancer care industry in 1988, Kenneth worked on a broad range of aviation electronics while deployed on a U.S. aircraft carrier and during a stint at a NASA satellite tracking facility.

In addition to his technical accomplishments, Kenneth brings exceptional business expertise to his role as well. As a former owner of Oncology Services International, Kenneth helped grow that company into one of the leading providers of linear accelerator service and parts in the US. In fact, it was Kenneth and his former company that sold and installed Rad Technology’s first linear accelerator used for testing the prototype vault back in 2001.

It was a fortuitous meeting, and after working with RAD Technology on-and-off during the development of their revolutionary vault system, it was ultimately the company’s innovative products and exceptional team that persuaded him to join the team full-time in 2009. Since then, Kenneth has helped numerous clients to see the potential of RAD Technology’s offerings, and believes very strongly in RAD Technology’s ability to help cancer centers large and small update their equipment, bringing the best possible care to patients when they need it the most.

When he’s not busy managing TRV Services, Kenneth enjoys riding his motorcycle.