Bold and Innovative Facility Technology Accelerates Patient Therapy for Cancer Care Ontario


AVENTURA, FL, Aug 1, 2011; Over three years ago, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) took a bold approach embracing new technology in the cancer facility market, by acquiring two cancer centers complete with radiotherapy bunkers, from RAD Technology Medical Systems. The concept while unique was simple. Since it would take 3 or more years for Hospital based radiotherapy cancer treatment to be added to the existing facilities, CCO purchased two relocatable centers that were placed into service within 5 months, allowing patient care to begin years ahead of schedule.

In 2008 Cancer Care Ontario in partnership with the Ottawa Hospital installed the RAD Technology Pro System facility to create an interim radiation treatment space. The facility provided patient assessment and radiation treatment capacity to accommodate 400 patients per year. This additional treatment capacity was required until the opening of a new 3 machine treatment facility in 2010. The treatment room housed an Elekta accelerator which was relocated to the new facility when construction was completed.

“The traditional approach would have meant that hundreds of patients would have traveled long distances to receive the radiotherapy treatment at alternate sites away from their families and community” stated John J Lefkus, President of RAD Technology Medical Systems. “Nearly 600 patients received life saving radiotherapy treatment at the Ottawa Hospital over the three year period in the interim facility.”

While the accelerated patient treatment would have been a victory itself, the entire cancer center is now being relocated to Peterborough. RAD’s President explains “Crews have disassembled the vault and clinic and will transport it 200 miles southwest to Peterborough. Institutions now have the ability to “asset manage” an entire cancer center like they would a piece of medical equipment. This flexibility means that interim or temporary solutions can be used to accelerate the delivery of cancer therapies”.

The Ottawa Hospital added new equipment and facilities while treating in the RAD produced center. The center will find a new home at Peterborough Hospital, where it is expected to stay permanently. If a traditional facility were built, the radiotherapy bunker alone would require 2 ½ million pounds of concrete. There would be no practical way to remove the concrete once it was placed. With the RAD solution, the shielding material that replaces the concrete will be removed over two weekends using high power vacuum trucks.

CCO is challenged to bring on new facilities and therapies as soon as possible and with the relocatable bunker and clinic system, they achieved speed and efficiency by supporting two Provincial Hospitals with the same facility. The relocation of this facility to Peterborough means approximately 400 patients a year will not have to travel to Oshawa for treatment. RAD’s proven and patented vault technology and modular clinics have changed the way institutions look at facility solutions.

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