RAD Technology Medical Systems Supports in Efforts to Promote Breast Cancer Education & Awareness

The Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) ™ will be a traveling billboard to help spread breast cancer awareness.

AVENTURA, FL, and ARDMORE, PA Jan 05 – RAD Technology Medical Systems LLC. in conjunction with BREASTCANCER.ORG announced a unique awareness campaign that will start this week with the transit of the first Temporary Radiotherapy Vault. RAD has pioneered patented designs for radiotherapy vaults and clinics. These facilities house equipment used in life saving cancer therapies in the treatment of two thirds of all cancers. is the #1 online resource for medically reviewed information and peer support on breast health and breast cancer.

“We have a similar mission,” stated RAD President John J Lefkus III, “we both provide resources that seek to help those with Cancer” RAD uses modular sections which must be trucked to their destination and protected by custom tarps. These large plain tarps covering the product offered a perfect opportunity to advertise some message to the public during its highway journey. The use of pink has been long identified with the breast cancer message and used to adorn many items in an effort to communicate support and awareness. The large truckloads have taken the pink concept to a new dimension. is a nonprofit organization that provides over 6,000 pages of medically vetted information on all aspects of breast health and breast cancer. reaches 8 million worldwide each year. They also have pioneered a national program to educate girls about breast cancer; fostering a better understanding of breast development, the facts around breast cancer and everyday actions they can take to better preserve breast health.

“We are delighted that RAD has volunteered their services in the promotion of breast cancer awareness” states Ms. Hope Wohl, CEO of “We hope this bold approach generates increased public awareness and helps connect more people affected by breast cancer with our vital resources.”
Many radiation oncology centers needing to upgrade their radiotherapy equipment are paralyzed from improving because they can’t shutdown and deprive 30 or more patients a day from receiving their needed cancer therapy. Upgrading can take 3 to 4 months and centers and hospitals must displace patients to alternate locations or run therapies into the late nights or early mornings. The RAD TRV solution duplicates the center or hospital’s processes in a compact and temporary package allowing patient therapy to continue while the new treatment system is installed.

“The TRV technology is based on RAD’s patented Vault system which has been deployed for over five years in the UK, Canada, USA and now soon in Mexico” RAD’s President further states “This is a first for radiation centers seeking to upgrade equipment, while maintaining patient therapies during the upgrade. TRV provides effective and speedy solutions unmatched by any radiation shielding technology.” The first product is currently being shipped from Ft Wayne Indiana to Santa Cruz California giving many drivers an opportunity to view the campaign.

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About provides the most reliable, complete and up-to-date information about breast cancer allowing women and their loved ones to make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for the lives.

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