RAD Technology Medical Systems Purchases Two ViewRay MRIdian Linac Systems

Order Marks ViewRay’s Milestone 50th and 51st MRIdian System

AVENTURA, Fla., March 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) announced today its purchase of two MRI-guided linear accelerators from ViewRay. This purchase is a milestone for ViewRay as the two machines will be the 50th and 51st units sold.

RAD purchased two of ViewRay’s newest linear accelerator-based system, the MRIdian Linac. This cutting-edge accelerator incorporates MRI visualization, offering real-time imaging that defines the targeted tumor from the surrounding soft tissue and other critical organs allowing for more precise radiation treatment and daily patient treatment plan modification.

RAD plans to install the MRIdian Linac systems at its numerous institutional clients, many in academia.  New radiotherapy facilities designed and constructed by RAD for institutional clients are also candidates.

“We purchase equipment based on demand from our clients and have received several requests for the new MRIdian technology,” said John Lefkus, president of RAD. “We are pleased our purchase coordinates with ViewRay’s record sales achievement. We anticipate these two MRIdian purchases are the first of many.”

“RAD provides unique leasing options that enable healthcare facilities to secure state-of-the-art technology, like MRIdian Linac, without lengthy capital procurement challenges,” said Chris Raanes, president and chief executive officer of ViewRay. “We are excited that our new partnership with RAD brings us to the milestone of 50 MRIdian systems ordered, and we look forward to working with them to bring the benefits of MR image-guided therapy to more centers around the country.”

MRIdian Linac enables a fundamental change from conventional radiotherapy by using diagnostic-quality MR imaging and enabling daily on-table treatment plan adaptation. MRIdian Linac also uniquely allows for continuous MR imaging to automatically control beam delivery to account for subtle anatomical changes that may occur during treatment. 

RAD specializes in healthcare facilities, specifically with the deployment of temporary, permanent and interim specialty health practices including radiotherapy, medical oncology, sterilization and   clinics. RAD uses its patented technology and accelerated modular construction methods to build facilities quickly and efficiently for customers. By eliminating months and years of construction, RAD accelerates the clinical operations, enabling patient treatment and generating millions in customer revenue.

RAD offers unique lease financing options that avoid capital deployment or debt impairment.  Purchasing the MRIdian accelerators from ViewRay allows RAD to provide its institutional customers with a single lease system that includes the facility, sitework and accelerator without capital or debt impairment.    

“We are excited to be working with ViewRay in this capacity,” said John Lefkus. “We build at the speed of medical innovation and ViewRay is a leader in the MRI-guided accelerator market.”

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