RAD Technology to Open First Portable/Modular Radiation Oncology Center at The Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix

Technology and design of new modular radiation vault system may revolutionize the way radiation centers are built

PEMBROKE PINES, FL, October 19, 2003 —-RAD Technology will open its first clinical facility using RAD Technology’s new Portable Radiation Oncology System (PRO SystemTM ) in approximately 90 days.The 3,000 square foot facility will contain a shielded vault and outpatient support space including exam rooms and offices.

“RAD Technology is pleased to deliver a fully functional radiation oncology center, in an expedited time span that offers significant improvements over the traditional construction approach,” said Eric Landau, President and CEO of RAD Technology.

The facility installation will be on the Phoenix, Arizona campus of The Mayo Clinic. “We selected RAD Technology’s system due to the shorter timeline to opening, and because of the structure’s temporary, modular design,” said Dr. Leonard Gunderson, Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale. “The RAD Technology facility will serve as a bridge to a planned permanent expansion space on our hospital campus.”

About RAD Technology
RAD Technology designs and markets proprietary technology for radiation shielding applications and has recently launched a range of products including turnkey, fully shielded radiation treatment systems that are designed to be installed in as little as 5 days from delivery at the customer’s site and ready for patient treatment in 2 weeks. RAD Tech’s products are available with pre-installed radiation equipment and can be designed to arrive complete with all acceptance testing and data gathering, saving months of time and further expediting patient services and hospital revenue streams. Only RAD Technology offers this technology. RAD Tech’s installation and manufacturing partner is The Canam Manac Group, Inc., a leading, North American construction company with more than 40 years of experience, one billion CAN$ in sales, 20 major plants and 5,000 employees.