Swedish Medical Center gets New Interim Modular Sterilization Facility

RAD Achieves a New Level of Hospital Enabling Projects

AVENTURA, Fla., Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Swedish Medical Center First Hill Campus was faced with the untenable challenge of continuing surgery while building a new hospital facility.  Located in Seattle, Washington, the Center is the Northwest’s largest, most comprehensive medical center.  RAD Technology Medical Systems was able to accommodate an ideal solution by providing a building for their Sterilization Processing Department next to their existing surgical suite.  RAD provided the interim facility and partnered with STERIS Corporation, a leading provider of infection prevention and surgical products and services, to ensure the building came fully equipped with the sterilization equipment they needed.

The project had a very aggressive timeline and choosing RAD and their factory-fabricated construction method enabled Swedish to relocate these services and stay on construction schedule for the new tower project. 

While construction was taking place in the factory, STERIS worked to supply the appropriate washing, decontamination and sterilization equipment required to support the entire sterile processing needs of the Swedish surgical staff during the construction of their new hospital tower. RAD and STERIS coordinated together to have a majority of the equipment installed while the facility was at the factory, thus saving additional time.

The final product consisted of a two story, 12,000 SF building with modular elevators and sterilization equipment installed. The concrete and steel building meets all the same codes as a permanent structure including Seattle energy codes. “While the structure is intended to serve an interim need” commented RAD Architect George Olear, “The facility is built as if it were to be used for 50 years. While mobile trailer solutions have been used to replace individual pieces of sterilization equipment, the challenge of replacing an entire department for a multiple of years needed a new approach.”

Now that the RAD sterilization processing facility is complete, Swedish is able to demolish their existing site and commence construction on the new hospital tower.  RAD, with help from STERIS, was able to meet Swedish’s time frame and provide them with a convenient solution for their sterilization needs in close proximity to their surgical suite.

RAD is a pioneer in the modular medical market and uses patented solutions for a variety of medical specialties. Solutions include a Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) which can be erected and in operation with a linear accelerator in as little as five days. The TRV is the answer for cancer facilities looking to upgrade their equipment without closing down for a period of months and denying patients of treatment during that time.

“We specialize in complex and accelerated projects for the medical industry”, stated company president, John Lefkus. “RAD does the project that was previously impossible or never done before. “Our history includes many firsts coupled with implausible schedules and unique leasing solutions.”

RAD has been successful in constructing many specialty enabling projects to meet various healthcare organizations needs quickly and efficiently. They take pride in being able to help the healthcare industry in this manner and look forward to continuing to do so both domestically and internationally.

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