Temporary, interim and permanent radiation vault and clinic solutions.

The management team met once again and has given you yet another research assignment. Find out if there is such a thing as a mobile linac to use, so you can shut down and upgrade your aging linear accelerator. You immediately thought, “They just don’t understand the impossibility of what they’re asking!” OR, in the immortal words from My Cousin Vinny, “Well, I guess the laws of physics cease to exist on top of your stove?”  Everyone knows that the 2.5 million pounds of mass required to shield the average accelerator is not a portable mass, right? RAD has the answers.


If you are looking to replace an aging accelerator, but have no logistics to maintain your practice during the transition, RAD’s Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) is the perfect solution


Rent a TRV for 3 to 6 months and continue to treat while upgrading your equipment and renovating your vault. With the TRV, you and the clinical staff remain productive and revenues remain constant. Contact RAD Technology and learn about our patented fluid shielding material, and how we can set up an entire duplicate radiotherapy suite – with an operating and commissioned accelerator – in 5 days. Return to next week’s management meeting with the answer……again!



“RAD Technology can provide
everything we need!”




“About 10 years ago, we doubled the size of our department and had a successful experience working with RAD Technology Medical Systems. The 15,000 sq ft of space including 5 exam rooms, patient waiting area, two linac vaults, and PET/CT scanner have shown flexibility as we have rearranged our clinical functions more than once and reconfigured office space.”
Todd Pawlicki, Ph.D.
Chief Of Physics