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Medical Oncology Facilities

Medical Oncology Facilities

Custom modular facility solutions for medical oncology.

RAD Medical Oncology Facilities can be permanent or interim and designed to meet your specific needs. Our flexible solutions are constructed off-site, minimizing disruptions to doctors, patients and staff, as well as being completed in less than half the time of traditional construction.

Our modular medical oncology facilities are designed to the most current national health care guidelines (2014 Facility Guidelines Institute). Spacious Infusion areas provide both comfort for the patients, and functionality for health care providers. Private infusions spaces as well as enclosed infection control infusion spaces are designed into RAD projects to provide flexibility as well as treatment options to healthcare providers. Support spaces such as blood draw areas, blood work laboratories and USP 797 compliant pharmacies complement the treatment program. Exam rooms, waiting areas, physicians offices, financial and health consultation offices, registration and patient resources centers complete the facility program.

RAD modular medical oncology facilities are available for lease.