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RAD PRO System

RAD Pro System
Modular healthcare solutions for Radiotherapy, Oncology and Proton Therapy.

The RAD PRO System is a highly flexible solution for interim, temporary or permanent installations. Coupled with modular clinic space, a cancer center ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. can be available in a matter of months instead of years. Don’t let years of patient treatments and market opportunity get lost, contract RAD on a PRO system.

Patented technology that brings superior shielding solutions with an accelerated schedule. The RAD base frame system allows for the swapping of accelerators without costly concrete demolition. Additionally, the detachable wall sections facilitate the removal and installation of the accelerators without disassembly. And if your needs change in the future, the entire facility can be relocated.

The RAD PRO System and any related clinic space is available for lease.