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Sterilization Processing Facilities

Sterilization Processing Facilities

Permanent or interim modular healthcare solutions for surgical sterilization processing departments.

Sepsis is a global healthcare problem and one that leads to more deaths than prostate cancer, breast cancer and aids combined.  RAD’s latest technology is the perfect antidote for institutions struggling to upgrade using our modular sterilization facilities.  These facilities provide hospitals and other organizations the opportunity to continue surgeries while other parts of their original facility are under construction.  The RAD sterilization processing facility can be permanent or temporary depending on an organization’s needs.

RAD’s modular sterilization facilities include everything one would find in a sterilization department within a hospital. The facility arrives onsite with the majority of the sterilization equipment already installed. The modular sterilization department can be constructed to include all the program spaces and equipment your particular department needs such as steam sterilizers, cube washers/cart sterilizers, three bay sanitation sink, preparation/packaging tables, detergent room, decontamination room, break room and locker/changing room.

RAD sterilization processing facilities are available for lease.