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Veterinary Radiotherapy Facilities and Clinics

Veterinary Radiotherapy Facilities and Clinics

Modular radiotherapy facility solutions for veterinary clinics.

Our veterinary radiotherapy vaults and clinics can be standalone or added to your existing veterinary practice. Our modular vaults and clinic space can be temporary, permanent or interim. The patented technology and offsite modular construction methods make adding radiotherapy to your veterinary practice fast, easy and flexible.

RAD’s modular technology allows us to construct a vault and/or clinic space that is right for your veterinary clinic or you are able to lease or purchase one from our available inventory.

Let RAD custom build an entire facility or add to your existing operations. If you lease space for your practice, RAD can place assets alongside to match your current lease terms.

Radiotherapy equipment can be included in the purchase or lease. RAD has both used and new equipment available to be integrated into the project.

All site planning, permitting and site development activities can be handled by RAD and their nationwide professional resources.  

RAD modular veterinary radiotherapy facilities are available for lease.