RAD Technology Advantage

RAD has sophisticated technology to provide you with a significant advantage over the full spectrum of your healthcare facility needs.

Radiotherapy Centers – Why pour a concrete shielding vault legacy when technology is sure to change?

Pouring concrete to build a vault is the surest way to guarantee obsolescence

Before the cement is even dry, the client’s ability to upgrade the shielding or equipment is practically gone. With Radiotherapy advancements every year, why would anyone want to set their future in concrete with a vault from the Stone Age?

When is the last time you were told that your accelerator choice was a permanent decision? Why should your choice in facilities be that way?

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented “Fluid Connection” technology achieves superior results
  • Patented “Removable Core” feature facilitates future equipment upgrade solutions
  • Unprecedented “Relocatability” feature opens doors to unique business and financing

Can you imagine typing your next report or even email on a piece of paper with a typewriter before the invention of “white out” and “carbon paper”? How carefully would you have to contemplate the spelling, the formatting along with the content? The entire process would be slowed down, handwritten drafts would be done first and experts in typing would be used to create and distribute copies.
When Doctors or Administrators purchase new radiotherapy equipment, they often need new or expanded facilities. Today, procuring a new vault or cancer center must be turned over to career practitioners who slow the process down to insure that mistakes aren’t made. No different than 50 years ago when typing was a process and a career path!

Most of us never think twice of typing, formatting or spelling mistakes we make daily in our correspondence. Innovations have made correcting our errors so easy and flexible that we don’t think twice about the process.

Clinical and Specialty Healthcare Facilities

RAD has the ability to design, construct and install your new healthcare facility complete with all medical equipment and furnishings you need. 

With our leading-edge technology, we are able to build a facility solution to include any specialty equipment you may have while meeting all health codes, standards and regulations. In addition, when the medical technology changes in 5-7 years the flexibility provided by a RAD modular solution will change with you.

That is the RAD approach, flexible, easy and capable of correction. We put up vaults in a matter of days and cancer centers in a couple weeks. We can remove them as quickly, in about the same time it takes to install and commission an accelerator

With concrete or blocks, what happens in 7 years when the new accelerator has a different energy or primary beam standard? Using RAD’s products, the solution is easy. Without disturbing the interior of the facility, RAD can modify the shielding pattern to accommodate almost any conceivable change. And what about the concrete or block solution? Current methods include adding layers of lead or other mass to the inside of the vault. If the foundation can support the additional load, you still have to live with stripping out the interior and surviving a complete renovation project.

Avoid the complexities of century old technology, contact RAD for the next generation of cancer centers