RAD Time Advantage
Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation™

Proven, innovative, patented technology means
fresh possibilities; creating a paradigm shift
when developing new cancer treatment centers, medical oncology facilities, sterilization processing facilities, clinical/lab facilities and more.

We used to wait for important documents by mail and it took at least a week to get photographs processed. In both cases, the extra time did not add value to the product or service and today the market could not imagine the inconvenience of these once traditional solutions.

What enhanced value is there in having a healthcare facility OPEN a year or more later? What value is there in having construction schedules disrupt sites for extended periods? What value is there in installing your accelerator, sterilization or other specialty equipment months or a year later?

While waiting for mail or photographs can evoke anxiety or emotional yearning, waiting for a healthcare facility has real competitive, economic and patient care consequences.

  • Do you believe that reimbursement will go up or that competition will stay away? If not, being in business sooner rather than later has substantial value.
  • What is the value of your revenue streams 6 to 12 months sooner? The NPV of therapy services has material value.
  • Do you believe that patients will benefit more if new technology arrives sooner? Then getting your new facility in the market quicker has life altering value.