The RAD Team


Ron Johnston Ph.D.

Radiation Safety Officer & Physicist

Ron Johnston is the Radiation Safety Officer and Physicist for RAD Technology. Radiation Safety is not just a desk job. From spreadsheets to the field, Ron monitors all phases of projects from design to installation to ensure the highest shielding standards are delivered.

With a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of Illinois, Ron has been in the Radiotherapy industry for over 30 years, which has helped him to develop a deep appreciation of medical physics. Ron also served as an Assistant Professor of Radiation Physics at the School of Medicine at Washington University, and as a Nuclear Accelerator Engineer for the Office of Naval Research.

At RAD Technology, Ron developed a shielding system that meets ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Attainable) standards for radiation protection. When working with RAD Technology clients, Ron helps to optimize designs for radiation safety, upgrade shielding during building, and then works with hospital physicists on shielding calculations and certifications with local radiation commissions. Every step of the way, Ron is able to use his extensive experience as a physicist to see that installations run smoothly and safely.

When he’s not busy undertaking complicated physics calculations or assisting clients on installs, Ron enjoys being a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, which he’s been doing since 1970.