Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation™

The Speed of Innovation is accelerating at a challenging pace.

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Paralyzed by ever changing Technology? Let RAD help you enter today’s market with facilities and equipment that are immune to near term obsolescence.

In today’s society technology is constantly changing. In fact, it’s been said that we are developing disruptive technologies every 5-7 years that change the market. The white paper dives into this situation and the impact it is having on the healthcare construction industry. Building facilities for life-cycles of 50 plus years is no longer a viable solution for our ever-changing medical technology, but with RAD’s modular construction, there is a better way. Why spend years constructing a facility to house medical equipment when both will be out of date in 5-7 years, when you can lease a custom facility built in half the time that can be updated and/or replaced easily to accommodate new technologies. It’s time to start Building at the Speed of Medical Innovation™.

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