Success Stories:

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center


Idaho Regional Medical Center was the only provider of life-saving radiotherapy cancer treatment which speaks to the particular impact it has on its community.  EIRMC announced the installation of a linear accelerator in March 2014.  EIRMC’s existing linear accelerator had served over 3,000 patients since 2001 and this technology would replace it.  The tear down and installation of the new linear accelerator would take nearly three months and presented EIRMC with the unique challenge of how to continue providing critical radiotherapy to patients who need it.  Also, the process of updating a linear accelerator would close a facility for several months, forcing patients and doctors to make alternative treatment arrangements which did not exist in the region. Debra Barlow, director of Imaging & Radiation Oncology Services, explained: “The challenge was to upgrade our current equipment without displacing our patients.  With three months of technical work ahead of us, the impact to the community and cancer patients and their families would have been untenable.  EIRMC decided to invest in RAD’s TRV services out of our commitment to the region.”

The RAD Solution

RAD constructed a Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) system which includes a linear accelerator and all the features of the cancer center’s existing radiotherapy suite.  The temporary facility continues to treat 30 patients a day.  Patients were able to already start therapy while EIRMC’s new equipment was installed at the Cancer Center.  The TRV II modular clinic is a ground-breaking, patented product that can be installed onsite in a matter of five days!  It revolutionizes the way hospital administrators think about upgrade timelines.  EIRMC’s TRV II is a full-service solution that offers the comforts of a permanent facility and is outfitted with a reception area, waiting room, office space, restroom, and a pre-installed linear accelerator.  Eastern Idaho is the third city that the TRV II has been installed within the same calendar year.  The TRV II is a truly effortless solution for hospitals looking to upgrade their linear accelerator without the burden of downtime. 


EIRMC's Temporary Cancer Center Helps Patients Continue Treatment Close to Home


  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) II
  • 2,600 Sq. Ft.
  • 5 Days
  • Lease Solution

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center