Success Stories:

Proton International


Proton International needed an interim way to treat patients while their new radiotherapy and proton facility is under construction. With time being of the essence, they turned to RAD for a temporary, modular radiotherapy vault and clinic. 

The RAD Solution

RAD worked to design a custom clinic solution for Proton International. Because Proton International was looking for a solution as quickly as possible, RAD utilized an existing PRO Vault, which had previously been used at five different locations in two different countries. The modular vault was upgraded to meet all current building codes and the base frame was exchanged to accommodate the latest TrueBeam Technology from Varian. RAD’s patented technology has allowed this radiotherapy vault to house three different linear accelerators over the years with only minor adjustments to the facility. Newly designed and constructed clinic modules were added to the temporary vault to complete the full-service cancer center for Proton International. This facility provides continuity of service for patients and a jump start for the proton center when it opens.


  • Delray Beach, FL
  • 3594 Sq. Ft.
  • RAD PRO System & Clinic
  • Refurbished and Upgraded an Existing RAD PRO Vault
  • Lease Solution