Success Stories:

Swedish Medical Center First Hill Campus


Swedish Medical Center First Hill Campus was faced with the untenable challenge of continuing surgery while building a new hospital facility.  They needed an interim solution that would allow them to temporarily relocate surgical sterilization during the construction process of the new 20 story tower.

The RAD Solution

The project had a very aggressive timeline and choosing RAD Technology Medical Systems and their factory-fabricated construction method enabled Swedish to relocate these services and stay on construction schedule for the new hospital tower.  The final solution consisted of a two story, 12,000 sq. ft. sterilization processing facility.

While construction was taking place in the factory, the appropriate washing, decontamination and sterilization equipment to support the entire sterile processing needs of the surgical staff was determined. Much of which was then installed while the facility was still at the factory, including large autoclaves and cart washing equipment.  This was one of many specialty enabling projects that RAD has worked allowing them to help meet various healthcare organizations facility needs quickly and efficiently.


  • Seattle, Washington Swedish First Hill Campus
  • RAD Sterilization Processing Facility
  • 12,000 Sq. Ft. two stories, three elevators
  • Assembled in 100 days
  • Lease Solution based on 45 months of predicted use including all sterilization equipment