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University of Michigan


The University of Michigan Cancer Center was looking to upgrade their existing linear accelerators over a period of two to three years while expanding their existing facility’s capacity at the Cancer Center.

The busy Cancer Center presented a challenge running 12 hours a day on 5 machines and the ability to begin equipment replacement was constrained by the inability to lose service on even one machine. With patient volume expected to increase multiple years would have been required to upgrade the facility and equipment without RAD’s modular solution.

Other challenges at the University included a tight site that made a conventional construction schedule and disruptions untenable. Additionally, the University desired to develop the project without the benefit of capital and was seeking to include the accelerator.

The RAD Solution

RAD Technology Medical Systems tested several site options; the site work began while the factory produces the vault and clinic modules.

RAD provided the University with a modular PRO system treatment vault, clinic and Varian Trilogy, the ideal solution for their program. A RAD PRO Vault was installed in a record of 9 hours. Forty days later, the entire clinic with an installed accelerator was turned over to the University of Michigan to begin patient therapy.

RAD’s unique project approach gave the University the relief capacity to begin the replacement and upgrading of their aging accelerators without the need for capital. The new building blends seamlessly and complements the existing facility.


The University of Michigan Cancer Center in Ann Arbor, founded in 1986, is ranked among the top 50 cancer centers in the nation and the best in the state of Michigan.  It is one of the forty-one centers in the US to achieve the “Comprehensive” designation by the National Cancer Institute.

Kathy Lash, the Director of Operations at the University of Michigan for Radiation Oncology, now states that working with RAD on their new facility addition was the most fulfilling project she has ever been associated with during her career at Michigan!

Kathy Lash and Team receiving Best Project Team Award, April 2014 Kathy Lash and Team receiving Best Project Team Award, April 2014

The Cancer Center is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a consortium of 25 of the nation's premier centers, which develops national guidelines for the delivery of effective, quality care.

The University of Michigan earns its National Cancer Institute’s “Comprehensive” designation by meeting strict guidelines for extensive, interactive and innovative clinical and laboratory research; participation in NCI testing of new therapies; significant cancer prevention and control research; and provision of patient education, community service, and outreach as well as training for health professionals.


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • RAD PRO, Clinic & Varian Trilogy
  • 2,892 Sq. Ft.
  • Built in 40 Days
  • Lease Solution

University of Michigan Cancer Center in Ann Arbor