About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patient centric clients with custom radiotherapy, proton therapy and specialty healthcare buildings.

We are driven by our customer’s vision and desire to offer the most advanced high-quality healthcare technology. We deliver our proprietary modular building products with exceptional service, on time and on budget.

It’s All About You​

Our products are designed with you, for your specific requirements and delivered in record time while meeting all building and health codes, standards and regulations.

RAD’s facilities are adaptable, expandable, upgradeable and, if desired, removable and/or relocatable. RAD offers you design, development, facilities and equipment in one package. Continue operating while equipment upgrades or large, lengthy construction projects take place. Maintain revenue streams, test new locations and new markets.

Unique Financing

Our Operating Leases require no capital and allow our customers to avoid the lengthy capital procurement process.

Our modular technology provides a rapid response to market and technology changes, dramatically shifting new revenue forward by months or years. Read More >

RAD’s Radiotherapy

We provide temporary, interim and permanent radiotherapy vaults and clinics for cancer centers to quickly and efficiently upgrade and/or expand facilities.

Our accelerated construction method and patented technology distinguishes RAD solutions from conventional building. Our solutions are the fastest in the industry.

RAD’s custom, modern, modular solutions exceed the needs of almost any medical specialty healthcare facility.

 Sterilization processing, proton therapy, medical oncology, emergency care, veterinary facilities are some of our limitless possibilities. 

Modern Adaptability

RAD’s patented technology uses modular building concepts to ensure your healthcare centers adapt to tomorrow’s technology.

Swap out, remove or add whole modules for new programs or new equipment. Avoid demolishing or abandoning your center to relocate and rebuild on a new site. Change vendors without saw cutting by interchanging our proprietary steel base frame cassettes. Poured concrete radiation shielding vaults lock cancer centers into yesterday’s linear accelerators. Upgrade to higher energy shielding without disturbing your interior space or changing your interior and/or exterior footprint.

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