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What We Do

RAD provides design-built modular healthcare buildings for radiotherapy, proton therapy, sterilization, emergency and other medical specialties.

RAD’s temporary and permanent custom modular cancer centers and specialty healthcare facilities deliver a time savings of up to 50% or more over traditional construction. Providers using our short-term products maintain consistent revenue and continuity to patients, caregivers and staff during equipment upgrades or facility expansion. Our long-term lease customers open sooner by avoiding the procurement process and shaving months or years off their project timeline.

Why Modular vs Standard Construction

RAD’s efficiency in the delivery of complex healthcare facilities significantly lowers project risk and allows for an increased return on investment versus standard construction. Lease financing facilitates and advances your short or long-term project. And our adaptable structures accommodate all existing and future medical technologies. Watch how we do it.



Modular healthcare facilities reduce lengthy onsite construction, accelerate patient access to new treatment and generate revenue sooner. We can save our clients up to 50% or more off standard project timelines.


Our patented technology ensures today’s cancer centers can adapt to tomorrow’s technology. Our facilities are adaptable, expandable, upgradeable, removable and relocatable.


RAD’s Operating Lease replaces time consuming capital procurement. Convert years of project planning into years of revenue generation. Respond swiftly to evolving technology and markets – our products accelerate revenue and get you operational fast.

Our Products

Our Customers

“Mascari Warner Architects have been collaborating with RAD for about 10 years. The projects we have worked on are both inspirational and functional, dispelling the myth that a modular approach constrains design. After 10 years, we continue to be impressed with RAD’s ability to deliver high quality healthcare projects with unsurpassed speed and maintaining the technicality and expertise required by the healthcare industry.”

Joe Mascari

Principal, Mascari Warner Dinh Architects

“It is important to ensure a seamless, top-quality experience for all the patients in our cancer program. This new center will allow us to deliver the latest and best in radiation treatment, supported by inter-professional expertise, education and patient navigation provided through our nationally accredited cancer institute.”

Joe Gordy

President, Flagler Hospital

“What a program, what a process, what a building! The RAD Temp was offered to our institution with high expectations. It only took a half hour of watching the RAD crews and product getting deployed to make me a believer. This was one the best projects I’ve worked on and one that I’ve learned from. All efforts exceeded our expectations, I hope to use RAD’s services again in the future.”

Paul Pezone

Vice President

“Never could I have imagined the speed and comprehensive approach that RAD delivered when setting up a new radiotherapy facility and practice. RAD produced at the highest level to ensure my best outcome, now I continue to do so with my patients.”

Dr. Tim Williams

Medical Director, Proton International

“It was important for us to have this temporary facility available while we worked on upgrading the cancer center so we did not have to stop or hinder patient care. The project couldn’t have been easier, as RAD provided full turnkey services, handling everything from start to finish.”

Dennis Quagliani

Director of Cancer Services, Glendale Adventist Medical Center

“The number of people turning to Swedish/Edmonds for their cancer treatment has grown over the last decade. This new facility constructed by RAD will allow us to offer enhanced care to a growing population.”

Richard McGee, M.D.

Medical Oncologist, Swedish Cancer Institute Medical Oncology

“We doubled the size of our department and had a successful experience working with RAD. The 15,000 sq ft of space has shown flexibility as we have rearranged our clinical functions more than once and reconfigured office space.”

Todd Pawlicki

Ph.D., Chief of Physics

“With assistance from RAD, we found a way to blend our need for leading-edge technology, accelerated project delivery and our commitment to the community and environment in one package.”

Jim Yates

Administrative Director, Swedish Cancer Institute

“The CSU provides a quiet, safe environment for medically stable patients under direct, constant supervision of professional behavioral health staff. The CSU is a less restrictive alternative to hospitalization and best suited for this vulnerable population in crisis while freeing beds in the Emergency Department.”

Sheila Brown

Vice President of Continuum of Care, Palomar Health

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