University of California San Diego
Moores Cancer Center

La Jolla, CA
RAD Center | 16,000 sq ft


The Moores Cancer Center at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in La Jolla was growing rapidly. Its original radiotherapy center was built in the basement and on a corner lot, not conducive to expansion. With an increasing patient population and diminished opportunity for research, UCSD was seeking an expedient and capital free solution to expand its cancer center.


RAD’s successful remedy is the custom 16,000 sq ft building that contains 2 modular radiation vaults, one PET/CT and clinic space. In response to UCSD’s request, Healthcare Architects at ZGF provided the programming and design while RAD completed the construction documents and built and installed the facility. From the modular facility’s arrival on site to turn over to UCSD, the custom modular RAD Center was completed in 115 days. We worked closely with the customer to ensure the facility fit seamlessly into its existing campus, both in the interior details and the exterior, including the rigorous specs necessary to exactly match the beautiful and unique imported Indian Kota Stone façade of the UCSD Moore Cancer Center. 

Since the start of their lease in 2008, UCSD has upgraded their equipment through two generations of accelerator technology—from iX to TrueBeam and, with the aid of our adjustable base frame, from Trilogy to Halcyon. The time and cost required for these upgrades was drastically minimized by RAD’s modular technology.

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