RAD’s Financing
RAD’s Financing

RAD's Operating Leases offer superior advantages over Capital Leases used in standard construction financing.

With RAD's modular construction financing, RAD’s facilities are provided on an Operating Lease, which can include the medical equipment if requested. RAD Proton Centers are available for sale with access to unique financing alternatives.

If current trends continue, your new medical equipment will be obsolete in less than 10 Years — and so will your facility.

Is your facility an asset or a liability? We can help you finance your new healthcare center with RAD’s Operating Lease.

Start the design today for your Radiotherapy or Medical Oncology Center, Emergency Room, Sterilization or other Clinical, Lab or Medical Specialty facility.

Our modular solutions accommodate and adapt to future technological innovation and market demands. Yesterday’s 20 to 30-year facility designs fail the demands of today’s rapid technological advancements which occur every 3 to 7 years. RAD’s modular facilities are readily adaptable. Conventional structures are not. Does your current business plan contain a solution for tomorrow’s technology?

Our modular products can be placed on your existing site fast, and later moved if you desire. They can be customized, expandable and upgradable. Capital Budget dollars are not required, and internal rate of return formulas allow entry into the market now; not in a few years.
By renting and not owning, RAD’s Operating Leases enable companies to record the facility as an operating expense outside of the Capital Budget.

Examples of how RAD’s financing advanced our customers’ goals.

UCSD Moores Cancer Center | La Jolla, CA

RAD’s Operating Lease for UCSD’s 2-vault Radiotherapy cancer center avoided the capital procurement process with an unprecedented development period of less than 9 months from contract signing to clinical use in a new 16,000 square foot cancer center. Based on industry parameters, UCSD generated approximately $20 million per annum for each of the 4 years that would have otherwise been filled with conventional construction and capital procurement activities.


Flagler Hospital | St. Augustine, FL

RAD provided Flagler Hospital with a 5,300 square foot RAD Center. Flagler leased the facility and accelerator, and even wrapped the sitework and accelerator maintenance into the lease package, requiring zero capital investment.

Swedish Medical System | Seattle and Edmonds, WA

RAD’s unique financing and accelerated construction schedule enabled Swedish to complete three projects over the course of 7-years. RAD’s Operating Lease allowed Swedish Medical Center to bypass capital procurement and lengthy design review to obtain a radiotherapy cancer center that was operational 60 days after its arrival on site.


Two years later, Swedish Cancer Institute needed a medical oncology facility fast. The 2-story facility was manufactured in 12 weeks and assembled in 16 weeks.


Swedish Medical Center’s First Hill Campus needed to continue surgery while they built a new hospital facility. Just 3 years after the completion of the medical oncology project, they requested an interim solution to allow temporary relocation of surgical sterilization. This third modular RAD project also took advantage of RAD’s Operating Lease and skipped the procurement process. Without RAD’s approach, the entire project would have stalled, costing millions of dollars, due to constraints to demo the existing hospital until a replacement for sterilization was built. RAD provided turnkey services for this project allowing Swedish to lease the facility and all the sterilization equipment in one package.

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