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Our Process

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Identify Your Needs:
We listen to you to describe the type of facility you need. We discuss your goals, requirements, challenges, wish list, timeline and financing.
Identify The Site:
Our expert team will review your current site to determine if an on-campus solution is available or if an alternate location needs to be identified. We also work with you to determine if your facility should be standalone or connected to an existing building.
Custom Design Floor Plan:

Our team collaborates with you to create a custom floor plan and site fit plan based on your programming needs, location and budget. If you are including medical equipment in your facility, we coordinate with the equipment manufacturer of your choice to ensure the infrastructure is designed to their specification. After the schematic design is approved by you, it moves to the engineering phase and the complete construction package is created.

Construction Documents & Building Permits:

RAD coordinates preparation of the construction documents. Your customized, comprehensive facility is designed to meet all health and safety codes and submitted to the local building department and the state modular authority for permitting.

Interior/Exterior Choices:
Together we select interior and exterior finishes. We are able to accommodate all design styles and price points. Your new facility will look exactly how you want it. Exterior and interior finishes can match existing buildings on your campus and coordinate with the surrounding environment.
Accelerated Project Delivery:

After completing all design choices, the modular construction process begins. Foundations and underground utilities are installed on site while the modules are fabricated off site in a controlled factory environment. This concurrent fabrication and construction process reduces project timelines, minimizes the environmental, traffic and parking impact to your site, provides increased quality control and earlier revenue earnings.

Once our accelerated project delivery process is complete, your facility is operational. RAD works with you every step of the way, from first contact to certificate of occupancy.

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