Proton International

Delray Beach, FL
RAD Center | 3,594 sq ft


A temporary radiotherapy vault and clinic solution was desired by Proton International to treat patients while its new radiotherapy and proton facility was under construction. They needed it fast.


RAD designed a 3,600 sq ft custom clinic solution for Proton International. Due to client time constraints, RAD utilized an existing RAD Vault, which had previously operated at five different locations in two different countries. The modular vault was upgraded to meet all current building codes and the base frame was exchanged to accommodate the latest TrueBeam Technology from Varian. RAD’s patented technology has enabled this radiotherapy vault to house four different linear accelerators over the years with only minor adjustments to the facility. Newly designed and constructed clinic modules were added to the temporary vault to complete the full-service cancer center for Proton International on time and on budget. This facility provided continuity of service for patients, caregivers and staff, continuity of revenue and an established launch for the first proton therapy cancer center owned and operated by Proton International. RAD’s Operating Lease enabled the project to meet its delivery timeline and operation margin demands. 

Assembled and ready for occupancy in 85 days.

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“Never could I have imagined the speed and comprehensive approach that RAD delivered when setting up a new radiotherapy facility and practice. RAD produced at the highest level to ensure my best outcome, now I continue to do so with my patients.”

Dr. Tim Williams

Medical Director, Proton International

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