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Proton Therapy Centers

Superior Performance

RAD’s Proton Therapy Center includes our patented, modular proton shielding technology which outperforms concrete, having a faster path to construction completion and a smaller footprint than traditionally constructed proton vaults.  

Shorter Construction Timeline

Our modular proton vaults and centers offer a comprehensive and customizable proton solution without the long construction schedule typical of traditional proton center construction. High grade modular construction occurs in factory-controlled conditions while the foundation and utilities are installed on site. Overlapping on-site and off-site builds leads to a shorter timeline than consecutive builds using traditional construction.



Our modular approach facilitates a comprehensive and customizable proton solution easily tailored to meet any single, double or multi-gantry design configuration.

Reduction in Shielding

The superior performance of our shielding technology allows for reduction in shielding volume leading to more usable clinic space and a smaller construction footprint.

Patented High Density
Shielding Technology

Our patented high density shielding technology outperforms concrete for most clinical beam energies and is not subject to the same long-term activation typical of concrete shielding used in conventional proton vaults.

Multi-Gantry Proton Center

The standard RAD proton center includes 2 vaults with options to expand to 3 or more vaults.

Custom Designed

Similar to RAD’s other products, our proton vaults and centers are custom designed for your unique program needs. Medical oncology, imaging, research or other medical specialty space can be included in your project as needed.

RAD’s Team and Industry Partners

RAD’s team includes experienced design, build and healthcare professionals with deep industry knowledge and a broad network of relationships in the industry. Our team includes opinion leaders in radiotherapy, oncology, proton therapy, accomplished executives, experienced operators, entrepreneurs, consultants and visionaries with deep industry knowledge, complementary skills and the requisite expertise to support and enhance our projects.

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