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RAD Center

Modular Radiation Oncology Vaults and Clinics

The RAD Center is a modular radiotherapy cancer center. It includes one or more proprietary RAD Vaults combined with clinical space and/or ancillary space for your ideal radiotherapy program. Your RAD Center is custom designed to maximize use of limited space, and adaptable to add imaging, medical oncology, a pharmacy or other desired features. The RAD Center is an interim, temporary or permanent solution.

Modular Construction

The RAD Center is manufactured off-site concurrently with on-site foundation and utilities installation. Parallel production schedules accelerate delivery of your radiation oncology vaults and clinical space up to 50% faster or more than standard construction, minimizing disruption to patients, doctors and staff.


RAD’s proprietary shielding technology allows us to quickly erect and shield vaults to accommodate any energy and any linear accelerator on the market today, and adapt to any future linac innovations. Our interchangeable base frame technology accommodates equipment from different manufacturers without saw cutting or changing isocenter.

Adaptable Facilities

As your practice grows, RAD’s modular approach allows you to easily add services such as CT or PET/CT imaging or medical oncology to your RAD Center. Alternatively, if market conditions change, the entire facility can be relocated at a fraction of the cost required to abandon your existing facility and build a new center.

RAD Center Customers

“We doubled the size of our department and had a successful experience working with RAD. The 15,000 sq ft of space has shown flexibility as we have rearranged our clinical functions more than once and reconfigured office space.”

Todd Pawlicki

Ph.D., Chief of Physics

RAD Center Portfolio

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