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RAD Temp

Mobile Vault Solution Facilitates Your Equipment Upgrade

The RAD Temp is a standalone radiotherapy facility designed to work in tandem with your existing radiation therapy department. It replaces elements lost during linear accelerator upgrades. This mobile vault solution is available for lease for 3 to 18 months.


Continue treating patients while upgrading your linear accelerator. Maintain your referral relationships, revenue and your commitment to patients and your community. Stay on the cutting edge of technology. Provide the latest advances in cancer treatment without disruption to doctors, staff, patients and patients’ families.


The RAD Temp includes: pre-installed and pre-commissioned linear accelerator, furniture and decor, patient waiting and reception, gowning and sub-waiting, control room, restroom and office area.


RAD Temp 3D Walk-Through

Take a tour through the RAD Temp facility.

“What a program, what a process, what a building! The RAD Temp was offered to our institution with high expectations. It only took a half hour of watching the RAD crews and product getting deployed to make me a believer. This was one the best projects I’ve worked on and one that I’ve learned from. All efforts exceeded our expectations, I hope to use RAD’s services again in the future.”

Paul Pezone

Vice President Support Services & Technical Operations Cheshire Medical Center | Dartmouth Hitchcock, Keene, NH

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