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RAD Vault

Modular Radiation Vaults

The RAD Vault is the perfect addition to a growing cancer center. Built with modular construction and shielded with our proprietary technology, the RAD Vault can stand alone, or connect to any existing facility. RAD’s modular approach allows you to start treating patients sooner. Off-site construction means less time on site and less disruption to doctors, patients and staff. With modular construction 80% to 90% of the process occurs inside the factory concurrently with the on-site foundation and utility work.



The RAD Vault accommodates all linear accelerators and energies on the market and is adaptable to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s linac technology.


Our proprietary granular shielding technology works in fluid communication, is self-healing and provides superior results on an accelerated timeline.

Interchangeable Base Frame

Our proprietary base frame can be easily swapped out to upgrade linear accelerator equipment and/or vendors.

“Mascari Warner Architects have been collaborating with RAD for about 10 years. The projects we have worked on are both inspirational and functional, dispelling the myth that a modular approach constrains design. After 10 years, we continue to be impressed with RAD’s ability to deliver high quality healthcare projects with unsurpassed speed and maintaining the technicality and expertise required by the healthcare industry.”

Joe Mascari

Principal, Mascari Warner Dinh Architects

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