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Specialty Healthcare Facilities

Modular Facility Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Medical Oncology, Surgical Sterilization, Emergency Departments, Imaging Suites - the possibilities are endless.

RAD’s modular construction process integrates your specific program requirements into a customized design for your specialty modular healthcare building. Your vision becomes our design platform.

We accommodate all state and local building, health and safety codes. You can rely on our expertise during the construction process and keep your focus on patients.

All of our specialty modular healthcare facilities are constructed in a controlled factory environment while site work is taking place. This leads to a higher quality product that is completed faster than site-built facilities.

Our modular healthcare buildings are permanent or temporary and can be free standing or connected to existing facilities. They are also adaptable. When medical technology advances, RAD’s modular products can evolve to keep your practice on the cutting-edge. Modules can be added, removed or exchanged based on your changing program. Whole buildings can also be removed, relocated or replaced as needed.

All our specialty modular medical facilities are available for lease with no capital required.

Technical Innovation

The 2-story sterilization facility was designed and installed between two existing buildings on a busy urban street. Part of the design includes a cantilevered second story to accommodate permanent underground diesel tanks.

Design Innovation

The clinical facility was designed with a curved floor plan and 2-stories to maximize use of available space on site and meet all programming needs.

Modular Innovation

After the design phase was complete for this medical oncology facility, the customer was informed of a location change. Despite new permit and easement requirements, factory construction was not impacted and the facility was delivered without delay.

Specialty Healthcare Portfolio

“With assistance from RAD, we found a way to blend our need for leading-edge technology, accelerated project delivery and our commitment to the community and environment in one package.”

Jim Yates

Administrative Director, Swedish Cancer Institute

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