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Portable SPD Solutions

RAD has partnered with Belimed, a global supplier of medical and surgical instrument sterilization, disinfection and cleaning products and services to offer a portable Sterile Processing Department (SPD) facility known as the FlexSPD. The FlexSPD is a 24’x37’ modular building that comes fully equipped with all the necessary sterilization equipment for any hospital or surgical center.

Equipment Includes:

Washer / Disinfectors

Steam and Low Temp Sterilizers

Processing Sinks

Ultrasonic Washers

Prep and Pack Ergonomic Workstations

The FlexSPD is designed to meet the sterilization demands of new and growing hospitals and surgery centers. The FlexSPD can be used to decrease the demand on an existing SPD, serve as the primary sterilization solution for new practices or satellite facilities or provide interim services during renovations or equipment upgrades.

Small Footprint

The FlexSPD was designed with a small footprint to allow for rapid installation on almost any site.

Portable Design

The FlexSPD is a portable building. This feature allows customers to use the building temporarily to meet a short-term need or use the same building at multiple locations.

Easily Upgrade

The FlexSPD allows hospitals and surgical centers to easily upgrade their equipment without shutting down. Sterilize instruments in our temporary facility while you upgrade your existing SPD. Once the upgrade is complete, transfer services back to your permanent department and we will remove the facility.

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