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RAD to Exhibit at PTCOG 60 & PTCOG-NA

June 27-July 2, 2022 | Miami, Florida

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the 2022 PTCOG 60 & PTCOG-NA 8 Conference in Miami, FL. The conference is June 27-July 2. RAD will be located at booth #4.


PTCOG (Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group) is a world-wide organization for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charge particle radiotherapy. The mission of PTCOG is to promote science, technology and practical clinical application of particle therapy, with the ultimate goal of improving treatment of cancer to the highest possible standards in radiation therapy.


 PTCOG -NA (Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group – North America is the North American chapter of the international PTCOG. This non-profit professional society was created in January 2013 to enhance collaboration between its members, create a platform for scientific exchange, and develop treatment guidelines, education, and training initiatives for particle therapy. 

The theme for PTCOG 60 “Optimization of Radiotherapy Modalities”, reflecting our transformation from a nascent esoteric technology to a mainstream modality with a much better-defined use case.


RAD is looking forward to being part of this year’s conference and introducing our modular proton centers and our patented high density shielding technology.


Visit us at booth #4 to learn how our shielding technology outperforms concrete and is not subject to the same long-term activation of concrete. Also learn how our modular construction method can save you time on your construction schedule and allow you to start treating patients and generating revenue sooner.


For more information on PTCOG 60 & PTCOG-NA 8 visit their website.


Attending PTCOG 60 & PTCOG-NA 8?

About RAD Technology Medical Systems, LLC

RAD Technology Medical Systems provides complex, design-built modular facilities for the healthcare industry. These customized, factory fabricated solutions are completed up to 50% faster than standard construction and are installed for temporary, interim or permanent use. RAD’s Operating Leases require no capital, allowing projects to commence and complete sooner and customers to generate revenue faster.

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